Spherical optics


Another specialty of Eckardt Feinoptik are radii optics for use in laser technology, ophthalmology, biomedical engineering, astronomy, research and many more:

  • Lenses
  • Achromats
  • Blasted and cemented systems
  • Mirrors



We use optical glasses, synthetic quartz glass and natural quartz crystal, fluorides (e.g., CaF 2, MgF 2) and special materials.


  • Dimensions: up to max. 450 mm Ø or diagonal
  • Radii: 0.3 mm to infinity
  • Surface fidelity: to lambda / 20 PV @ 632.8 nm
  • Surface quality: According to DIN 10110 to 5 / 1x0,010

Quality assurance

Due to continuous process monitoring - before, during and after production - we guarantee you specified specifications, which can be documented by various measuring instruments and test protocols according to customer requirements.